Just for the groom.
  1. In the past six months Austin & I have:

    -Bought a car. 

    -Rescued a puppy, Riley who is about six months old && we think a lab shepherd mix, or as well call her our rhodesian ridgeback because frankly thats what we think she looks like. 

    - Bought a house. Yup, we were both 21 at the time and we bought a fucking 4 bedroom, 3 bathroom house. 

    -Bought a transmission for me car, which compared to the rest of the things doesn’t seem exciting. However, my transmission cost a shit ton and the fact that we, by we I mean Austin could afford it, is pretty wonderful of him to do for me. 

    -Rescued a second dog, Bama who is about 15 weeks old now and what we think to be a Boxer Pit mix. 

    -Then lastly, today we adopted a 5 month old kitten from the animal shelter and named him Saban. 

    If you would have asked me last year or ever nine months ago that all of this would have happened to us in the last six months I would have told you that you were crazy. Also somewhere between getting Riley and buying a house we found out that were are going to be Aunt and Uncle. 

    Sometimes life throws you lemons, but other times Life can be pretty great. 

    && on that note, I am going to keep enjoying mine. 

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I tried to scroll over this..

we all tried…

its impossible to scroll over this


    instead of getting their period girls should just get to sleep for 5 days straight every month everyone wins 

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    This is why I love Miranda Lambert.

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